About us

The MistServer project is maintained and supported by DDVTech B.V.. DDVTech has its roots in 2009. A media-related project had just failed due to issues with the media server software that was used, and somebody asked “Well, could we have done any better?”. Soon after, MistServer was born. Fast forward a few years, and MistServer has become our core business.

Over the years, the MistServer team has grown organically. Never taking on more work than we were confident we could handle ensured our reputation for excellent customer service and a personal approach. You’ll never get stuck talking to a call center with us, nor will you have to deal with sales departments: all support for our software is directly by the people that wrote it. Each and every one of our engineers considers MistServer a matter of personal pride. As a result, all feedback from our users is taken seriously and we always aim for the “correct” solution as opposed to the “quick and dirty”.

MistServer, at its core, is a fresh approach to how a media server should work. Traditionally, media servers were either hulking monolithic monsters or extremely lean minimalist implementations. MistServer follows the Unix principle of having one application for each task, bound together by a Controller application that handles configuration and monitoring. However, MistServer goes a step further still: each connection is handled by a separate process. This is how we achieve the unbeatable level of stability and error recovery that MistServer is known for.

As a product, MistServer is developer-centric. This means it should be seen as a toolkit, empowering you to build any media related project you can envision. Naturally it can be used as a stand-alone solution as well, but it truly shines by becoming completely invisible when tightly integrated. Since there is so much attention to the usage experience for developers and integrators, such integrations are fast and painless.

We’re excited about media and the technology behind it, looking forward to the challenges of the coming years. Will you tackle them with us?